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How CELTA Courses in England Can Assist Your Teaching Career

What can CELTAS courses in England achieve for prospective teachers?

Teaching is a worthy undertaking to be sure, for what can be more noble then preparing the minds of tomorrow for their future responsibilities? As English remains one of the major languages of global commerce, it thus comes as no surprise that non-English speaking students are increasingly looking to brush up on their English. CELTA courses in England are subsequently becoming an attractive proposition for those interested in the world of teaching. After all, most Englishmen already teach English. So why not share what they know?

celta courses

A CELTA stands for Certificate for English Language Teaching to Adults, however nowadays it’s officially called a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Another Language. CELTA is a relic from the old name. It should be pointed out that a CELTA is not a teaching qualification in itself, rather it’s a certificate that allows for further specialised training into teaching the English language to international students. Due to its international recognition, it’s popular for those who seek to teach English abroad, however many take CELTA courses in England with no intention of leaving the country. It’s good for either.

You do not need any prior educational experience or training to undertake a CELTA course, although such qualifications may certainly give an edge. As long as you’re eligible to pursue a teaching career at all, you’re eligible for a CELTA course position.

Typically a CELTA course lasts around four to six weeks, however it’s possible to take less intensive courses that stretch the period out over several months. That said, even part-time courses can take up more time than a full-time job, especially if the candidate has no background in teaching. The courses themselves are offered by a wide variety of institutions, however they’re centrally managed by the University of Cambridge, and it’s from Cambridge that new certificates are authorised and issued.

A CELTA course in England is completed upon passing a six hour exam, in which the candidates are required to teach English to two real English foreign language classes and have their teaching abilities assessed. While this forms the main part of the course’s grading, there are also a number of written assignments, which are very much a strict pass/fail affair.  Upon completion of the course, successful candidates may then apply for further training under more advanced certificates.

For more information about CELTA courses in England, as well as information about other English foreign language classes for European and international students, visit the website of Concorde International. You can also phone directly by calling 01227 4451 035.

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